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Meticulously Written Real Estate Contracts for Residential and Commercial Property Sales in Saratoga County

Contracts are essential with respects to residential and commercial property procurement. It spells out in fine print the terms and conditions as well as the obligations and rights of both the buyer and seller. Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP can assist buyers, sellers, and their respective real estate agents draft comprehensive real estate contracts that’s carefully written and leaves no stone unturned.

Can I Write My Own Real Estate Contract?

You’re not legally required to have an attorney or real estate agent write a contract on your behalf. However, we don’t advise drafting your own contract without a legal counsel present. Failure to cover every legal stipulation or describing a term in a vague manner can lead to significant legal ramifications if a dispute was to arise. Proper wording is extremely important, and a real estate attorney can draft a contract that includes dispute resolution clauses with directions on how parties can resolve disagreements.

How Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help?

When an attorney gets to work writing a contract, he/she takes careful steps to cover provisions that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Describes the property in detail, including all appliances and furnishings included in the sale
  • Describes full terms of payment, including how the amount is to be paid and the earnest money (the fee for confirming the contract)
  • Full disclosure statement describing any defects with the property
  • A property inspection contingency clause giving the buyer the right to conduct their own inspection using their own inspector/evaluator.

In addition, an attorney can help you determine whether the contract should be a binding or non-binding offer. The point is that there are dozens upon dozens of provisions beyond the short list above. Certain provisions may be necessary depending on the condition and nature of the sale, and whether dealing with residential or commercial property. Additional Corporate legal council may be required with the latter. There are simply far too many variables for a buyer or seller to draft their own real estate contracts. You can’t just a write a contract after several minutes of surface-level research online; it doesn’t work that way.

We Help with Real Estate Contracts for Buyers and Sellers in Southern Adirondacks

Nobody likes dealing with contracts, but they’re an integral part of property transfers. Without them, it’s a matter of he said she said, leading to legal disputes that can drag on for months if not years. Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP seeks to prevent the legal drama by helping buyers and sellers come up with detailed real estate contracts. It’s among the many services we provide alongside estate planning for existing homeowners. Learn how we can be of assistance today.

Fully Detailed Real Estate Contracts in Saratoga County and Southern Adirondacks

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