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A personal injury action arises when someone suffers an injury requiring medical assistance, and fault can be attributed to a third-party individual or entity. Filing a civil suit, unfortunately, isn’t so straightforward. An investigation has to be done to determine who’s truly at fault. Additional factors are also at play, such as the nature of the accident, witnesses, and whether your own actions may have played a role or could have prevented the incident. If you were injured as a result of someone else’s or a company’s direct negligence, it would be prudent to speak with an attorney at Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP to explore your legal options.

Determining Negligence

The first step is determining who is at fault for your injury. This may be the result of more than one party. If you became extremely ill as a result of consuming a meal at a restaurant, for example, then the fault may not just lie with the restaurant but also with the restaurant’s food supplier. In a personal injury action case, it’s not always easy definitively proving fault. To successfully do so, the plaintiff’s attorney must prove:

  • That the defendant owed a duty of care in a reasonable manner. For example, if merging into traffic, you have a duty of care to actively scan the streets for oncoming vehicles.
  • That the defendant neglected that duty of care.
  • That the plaintiff’s resulting injury was a direct result of that breach of care.

New York is also a comparative negligence state, meaning you may also be deemed partially at fault for your own personal injury. Any rewards or compensations you receive may be reduced depending on the degree you contributed to your own injury. This is something the defendant’s lawyer will almost certainly argue for.

Types of Personal Injury Action Cases in Southern Adirondacks

We represent clients who have been injured under different scenarios. The most common incidents include:

  • Vehicular accidents – vehicle to vehicle, or vehicle to pedestrian. May involve DWI.
  • Premises liability (i.e., slipping and falling from a wet floor in a store with no wet caution sign)
  • Product liabilities
  • Construction accidents
  • Dog bites

Even if your injury doesn’t stem from any of the above, if you were injured and believe it was due to another party’s breach of duty of care, you may have a legitimate personal injury action case.

We Review Your Personal Injury Case with a Fine-Toothed Comb

From your perspective, your personal injury action case may appear cut and dry regarding fault. However, the other party will argue otherwise. At Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP, we have 12 decades of civil litigation experience, aggressively arguing on the behalf of our clients who were unjustly injured by a neglectful party’s actions or breach of duty of care. Don’t let your personal injuries go uncompensated and give us a call today.

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