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Zoning and Municipal Law

Municipal Law and Zoning Counseling from Knowledgeable Attorneys in Southern Adirondacks, Saratoga and North Country

Municipal law pertains to the laws that govern a county or township. It encompasses the city-level government that runs the local region. With it comes rules regarding property, subdivisions, educational policies, zoning laws, etc. Since the early 1900s, our law firm has been providing robust legal consultation for the members who run their city, imparting insight and knowledge to pass laws that are fair, impartial, and in line with the greater state and federal laws.

Municipal Law

When creating new laws and policies, you can’t just propose new rules and have members vote. It’s far more complex; members need to be versed and updated on all applicable laws, regulations, and code. To complicate matters, these existing applicable laws and regulations are often written in a manner that’s up for interpretation. We review the current laws in the books and provide guidance on how new policies can be birthed without infringing or contradicting prior established rules.

Other areas of municipal law we assist with include:

  • Drafting new ordinances
  • Zoning code interpretation
  • Establishing property tax regulations
  • Establishing land division regulations
  • Interpreting open meetings laws

Zoning and Land Use

Zoning establishes rules regarding land distribution and development. There’s far more to it than simply setting a limit on, say, how tall a building or residential fence can be. Our zoning and land use division provides legal expertise regarding real estate development. This includes matters regarding construction permits and building and land use ordinances. With zoning being one of our signature service areas, it’s our job to ensure:

  • Project developers acquire the appropriate permits
  • Legal conflicts are settled amicably in the event of a property sale dispute
  • Clients understand the municipal real estate law and stay on top of construction laws and governmental contracts
  • Clients understand their rights and limits regarding easements and rights-of-way provisions

We Provide One-Stop Assistance with Municipal Law and Zoning in Southern Adirondacks

Municipal Law and zoning matters are difficult to keep up and interpret, even among city officials responsible for upholding the governing laws. Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP assists county leaders with law interpretation and drafting new ordinances that are in keeping with existing rules. It’s our trained duty to help you better serve your constituents and the community.

Expert Guidance with Zoning and Municipal Law Interpretation in Saratoga and Southern Adirondacks

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