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Trusted and Established Legal Representation During a Military Criminal Investigation in Saratoga County

A military criminal investigation precedes every criminal case. If you’re the focus of an investigation, know that you’re entitled to many rights. You need an experienced attorney with years of dedicated practice in military law to consult you on your options while the investigation is pending. During this important time, it’s critical to know what actions to take and refrain from taking. Let our highly qualified team at Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP to advise you on the precise steps.

Know Your Rights

As the accused, the law affords you many rights that you should review with a courts martial attorney. For example, you have the right not to cooperate with law enforcement conducting the investigation. The key to your defense is knowing when to exercise this right by not providing a statement to the police. Police have the legal right to employee deception tactics to mislead accused offenders of making incriminating statements or providing evidence that can be used against them. An attorney can guide you on when police cooperation is and isn’t advisable.

You also have the right to refuse law enforcement from investigating your property without a warrant. Police may use bullying tactics to get you to consent to a property search. Our attorney acts as a barrier between you and aggressive military crime investigators.

The above rights are established under Article 31 of the UCMJ, and we make sure you’re aware of them; we ensure they’re upheld in a military criminal investigation.

Types of Military Investigations

We represent clients who are at the center of various criminal investigations. The common ones include:

  • Criminal investigations – begins with a preliminary inquiry under Rule of Court Martial 303, where investigators look for evidence of guilt, aggravation, or extenuation
  • Property loss and damage investigations – is done for property accountability and does not include adverse actions, though commanders may seek administrative actions.
  • Injury, illness and death investigations – determines whether injury or death was a result of being in the line-of-duty or misconduct. The investigation may determine injured party’s or next of kin’s eligibility for government compensation.
  • Commander-directed investigations – initiated by the commander to investigate misconduct within the battalion

Being Investigated in a Military Criminal Investigation? Get Legal Help in Southern Adirondacks

If you’re in the middle of a military criminal investigation, your career, rank, pay grade, military benefits, and more may be on the line. With decades of experience in criminal defense and military law, we use our industry expertise to represent those accused of wrongdoing while donning the uniform. If you proudly serve our great country, then let us serve you by contacting us today.

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