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Over 100 Years of Estate Planning and Drafting Wills and Trusts in Southern Adirondacks, Saratoga, Capitol, and North Country Regions

Everyone has an estate. This includes everything you own, from your real estate property to your financial accounts. You can’t take these with you when you die. Therefore, you want to distribute it among your living kin. This is where Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP can help with its comprehensive estate planning and legal services. We ensure everything you own is passed on to your loved ones – all while keeping taxes, legal fees, and court costs to a minimum.


Death without a will means that New York state law determines how property shall be distributed amongst your heirs and who will administer your estate. Having a will can reduce the amount of strain on your loved ones as court proceedings take on average nine months to two years. We can help you draft a will, which is irrevocable upon death. It instructs the court how your estate is to be divided. This is a tremendous peace of mind knowing that your estate is distributed according to your wishes and not the court’s.

Estate Plan

A will is a good starting point, but it’s just one part of a bigger estate plan. In addition to your last will and testament, a comprehensive estate plan also factors in trusts for your children, grandchildren, and charities. It takes into account other advanced directives and power of attorney. We go over all aspects of estate planning with you to ensure it covers your last wishes upon your death.


We assist clients in setting up a living trust with an established trustee or successor to manage your property after your passing. With a trust, you can avoid a probate on your asset and prevent your internal, financial, and family affairs from becoming public record. We highly recommend a trust as part of your estate plan to prevent the inconvenience of a court-supervised distribution of your property.

We’re Here to Help in Every Stage of the Estate Planning in Southern Adirondacks

Your estate is your property and should be your decision on how it’s distributed upon your passing. Don’t leave the decision to the courts. For over 10 decades, we have provided comprehensive estate planning, covering wills, living trusts, power of attorney, guardianship appointment, and more. Give Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP a call today to draft and formalize a plan.

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