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Your home is perhaps your biggest asset. It’s also not unusual for this property to be tied up in contracts with lenders, co-owners, etc. It’s no surprise then that disputes may arise. Contractual disputes are unfortunate, but they’re a fact of life that sometimes require legal intervention to resolve. When you contact Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP, an assigned experienced estates attorney can hear your case, examine existing contracts and liens, and formulate a legal strategy moving forward.

Estate Disputes

It’s not unusual for disputes to arise over a probate or trust estate. The dispute may be between trustees, beneficiaries, or other fiduciaries. In most instances, the dispute involves money and internal family conflict, making the situation even more unfortunate as loved ones are torn apart over property disagreements. An estates attorney seeks to find a peaceful resolution to estate and contract disputes, devising a solution that’s fair to all parties involved while remaining faithful to the language outlined in existing contracts.

Partition Action

A partition action may be necessary when you co-own property and there are disagreements over how to use the property. One owner may want to sell while the other does not, or parties can’t agree on a selling price. Our real estate law firm helps homeowners file a partition action to legally end a co-owner relationship and divide property equally among the owners. A partition action can also be used to force the sale of property and to ensure the funds are distributed fairly among all joint owners.


Having a lien on your property can complicate matters pertaining to your estate, particularly if you plan to sell. Various types of liens can be placed on your property as an insurance policy to ensure the owner makes timely payments. Examples include tax liens and mechanics liens. A deed of trust is also a form of lien that the lender receives to secure the loan and can become a lien if repayment issues arise. If an existing lien is preventing you from selling, subdividing, or taking other action on your property, we can assist you in resolving the matter with the title or escrow company.

Let an Estates Attorney in Southern Adirondacks Help You Find a Resolution

In a perfect world, you’ll have full freedom over what to do with your property. Unfortunately, issues like co-ownership and liens can restrict the actions you wish to take. At Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP, we leverage our 100+ years in real estate and conflict resolution to help clients resolve disputes and lift impeding liens. Contact us today to receive immediate guidance from a highly experienced estates attorney.

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