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The U.S. Military is an institution with its own set of laws. Being convicted of a crime while in garrison, in the field, or in theater can have serious repercussions on your military career. Regardless of the branch you serve or whether you’re on active duty or reserve, our legal team stands ready at attention and at your service. Our expert courts martial attorney is versed in military law with clients ranging from individual service members to entire battalions.

Why You Need Military Legal Counsel

While there are overlaps, military criminal justice can be significantly more complex than the civilian criminal justice system. There are also different penalties for the accused, such as rank demotion and loss of eligibility for promotion. The case requires a lawyer knowledgeable in all facet of military law, including the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), Rules for Courts-Martial (RCM), and Military Rules of Evidence (MRE).

At Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP, we have a dedicated team of JAG attorneys that leverage their vast experience and study in military law to ensure the greater good of the servicemembers involved and the platoons/battalions they represent. With every case, we perform our own internal criminal investigations in cases involving:

  • Homicide
  • Sexual assault
  • Harassment
  • Internet crimes
  • AWOL/desertion
  • Basic Allowance Housing (AH) fraud

The Courts-Martial Process

When you entrust Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP as your legal team, we provide around-the-clock counseling for the entire duration of the courts-martial process. Our courts martial attorney imparts comprehensive guidance during the:

Preliminary Court Martial Process – begins at the conclusion of the criminal investigation and a report is submitted to the chain of command.
Article 32 Hearing Process – This process determines whether there are reasonable grounds to believe a criminal offense has taken place.
The Trial Process – the trial counsel (the prosecution team) and defense team both present their case in front of a judge.

Get Expert Military Law Assistance from a Courts Martial Attorney in Southern Adirondacks

For as long as we have been in business (120+ years and counting), we have represented members of the military as both the prosecutor and defense. Having been on both sides of the aisle, we proudly serve those who serve, ensuring the strictest of military bearing and standards are upheld. Whether you’re a battalion commander or a Private fresh out of basic training, you can contact our courts martial attorney for dependable military legal service.

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