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Corporate, LLC and Partnership Formation

Full Suite of Corporate Law Services for Small Businesses and Fortune 500s in Southern Adirondacks, Saratoga and North Country

Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP has assisted young startups and established fortune 500 companies all over Southern Adirondack. We cover all areas of corporate law, including acquisitions, corporate transactions, investor financing, and more. We have decades of experience and can ensure your business formations and dealings are done in accordance with New York law.

Corporate Formation

Forming a corporation is an extremely complex undertaking with an immense legal framework that has to be followed to a T. We can help you determine the type of corporation best for your specific needs. Our corporate law service helps startups set up both a C and S corporation or create an LLC if a consultation determines that’s the best course. We help you form a corporation to protect your assets, protect shareholder interests, and model your business to optimally attract viable investors. We also assist with zoning and permit acquisition if constructing a new building for your business.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Forming an LLC is a multi-step process that includes submitting an Articles of Organization form, drafting an operating agreement, publishing a notice in the local paper, and much more. Due to the complexities, we recommend that business owners seek legal assistance rather than go at it alone. We walk you through the steps to ensure nothing is omitted, and you satisfied all the parameters of LLC formation, from registering a name to setting up a physical address.


A partnership in the corporate world occurs when two or more people or business entities share in the collective profits and earnings, including losses. Partnerships operate very similarly to corporations but is more complex because of the varying interests of the different partners. We can assess the interests and goals of each entity and draft an agreement that provides a fair give and take on all persons/businesses involved. We also provide legal counsel and mediation should a dispute arise.

Need Corporate Law Assistance in Southern Adirondacks?

It’s never advisable to set up a corporation or form joint ventures without legal assistance. A single misstep can open you to all sorts of legal trouble and malpractice. Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP doesn’t just represent families but also the dedicated business starters all around Southern Adirondack. Whether you’re planning a startup or are an existing business, contact us to determine how our corporate law sector can be of service.

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