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Agricultural Law

Expert Agricultural Law Consultation in Southern Adirondacks, Saratoga, Capitol Region, and North Country

Agriculture is an expanding field with multiple branching networks in industries like food, land ownership, community gardening, and more. The laws governing agricultural practices in New York can also be quite complex. This is why you should consult with a knowledgeable attorney versed in agricultural law before making any major business or development decisions.

Who We Serve

When one thinks of agriculture, thoughts of a farm and livestock automatically come to mind. However, agriculture encompasses a diverse network, and agricultural law often overlaps with other areas like zoning, subdivisions, and real estate. As such, we consult clients from all walks of life, including but not limited to:

  • Farmers, farm-hands, and ranchers
  • Community gardeners
  • Food companies
  • Landlords
  • Restauranteurs
  • Non-profits
  • Horse trainers and stablemen
  • Food truckers

What We Do

Our role in agricultural law is comprehensive. We assist clients in a range of issues, from interpreting New York statutes on agriculture to permit acquisition for developing land for farm use. Some of our responsibilities in this dynamic field of law include:

  • Agri-business formations – forming corporations, sole proprietorships, or limited liability partnerships
  • Business planning – Drafting and reviewing purchase-sell agreements, determining legal framework as the business evolves or undergoes a merger, acquisition, or succession.
  • Animal law – including animal welfare, resolving animal cruelty allegations, and care regarding companion animals
  • Crop insurance – helping farmers resolve claim disputes with crop insurance agencies
  • Environmental law – ensuring farm practices are in accordance with environmental state and federal laws, such as the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act.
  • Food law – ensuring food cultivation, production, and packaging methods are in accordance with state and federal food laws, such as the Supplemental Nutrition
  • Assistance Program, and the Food Safety Modernization Act.

We Help You Stay on Top of Agricultural Law in Southern Adirondacks

With the complex nature of agricultural law, it’s all too easy to be in violation of a number of laws even when you think you’re doing everything by the book. This is why you should run your plans through Wood, Seward, McGuire & Sacco LLP. Our legal experts can assist you through any number of issues, from agricultural law interpretation to farmer worker’s rights.

Agricultural Law Assistance from Licensed Legal Experts in Southern Adirondacks

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