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What Happens During Your First Meeting with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Albany?

What Happens During Your First Meeting with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Albany?

Getting in trouble with the law can be an overwhelming experience, even when you believe you’ve done nothing wrong. While it may seem possible for you to talk your way out of a misunderstanding, it’s better to call a criminal defense attorney for help. Worried about what to expect? Here’s what typically happens during your first meeting.  

You’ll Be Asked About Yourself

Your lawyer will usually ask many questions about you, including where you live and work, and the best way to reach you. Questions may also cover your schooling, family life, and any previous involvement with the law, aside from your current situation.

You’ll Have an Opportunity to Tell Your Story

The lawyer will take detailed notes as you describe what happened that led to your arrest. You may be asked to clarify some details or provide more information. Your lawyer is totally on your side, and conversations between attorneys and clients are confidential, making it important to tell your lawyer everything.

Your Lawyer Wants to See Your Paperwork 

Any records you have related to the charges filed against you give your lawyer lots of details about your case. Bring these documents with you, and share them with your attorney. Include any supporting documentation, too, like previous court orders, tickets, release records and anything else that helps an attorney better understand your case. 

Ready to Call a Criminal Defense Attorney in Albany?

Wood, Seward & McGuire LLP is a local law firm with dedicated attorneys for personal injury cases, estate planning, real estate contracts, civil litigation, federal and state criminal defense, and corporate law needs. Our extensive courtroom experience includes military, agricultural, family and matrimonial law cases and traffic court cases, too. Don’t let your inexperience with the law risk your future—contact us when you need the help of a criminal defense attorney.

Hiring A Strong Criminal Defense Attorney in Albany Is the Best Way to Protect Your Rights

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