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Why You Need to Call an Accident Lawyer Immediately in Hamilton County

Why You Need to Call an Accident Lawyer Immediately in Hamilton County

Accidents happen, whether it’s in a car on local streets in your neighborhood or at a friend’s house during a backyard barbeque. It’s what you do afterward that can determine the rest of your life. When there’s been an incident of any kind, even if you think no one has been injured, it’s always best to call an accident lawyer right away. Here’s why.

The Clock Has Already Started

In many cases, there’s a statute of limitations written into the law, and once there’s an accident, your case needs to move along within a certain time frame in order to proceed. A lawyer who is well-versed in personal injury and other kinds of law knows what kind of court filings are required and what the deadlines are to preserve your case.

Your Rights May Be in Jeopardy

Your attorney understands how to gather and evaluate evidence related to your claim of how the accident took place. Paperwork can be lost, witnesses can forget things, and even environmental conditions like the weather or wet roads can change before the proper measurements, observations or reports can be made. Your lawyer knows what needs to be done and what standards apply to law enforcement officers, hospital employees, lab techs and others. 

You Need Someone On Your Side, No Matter What

When you hire a lawyer to represent you after an accident, their priority is you, and none other, unlike anyone else involved. Insurance company adjusters, the other party’s attorney, and anyone else who has a role may not be looking out for you and your best interests. You can count on your attorney to be truthful with you.

Do You Need an Accident Lawyer in Hamilton County?

Wood, Seward & McGuire LLP is a local law firm with years of experience in serving clients in all areas of the law. Our specialist attorneys help clients with personal injury cases, estate planning, real estate contracts, civil litigation, federal and state criminal defense, and corporate law. Our clients also come to us for military, agricultural, family and matrimonial law cases and traffic tickets. Contact our accident lawyers to learn how we can help you recover everything you’re entitled to.

An Accident Lawyer Fighting for What You Deserve in Hamilton County

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