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3 Reasons to Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Saratoga County

3 Reasons To Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Saratoga County

Even the most careful driver may sometimes exceed the posted speed limit, miss a stop sign or not leave enough time for stopping and blow through a red light. When you get a ticket in a situation such as this, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it to hire a traffic ticket lawyer or just pay the fine and move on. Here are three important reasons to get professional legal help.

Tickets Are Costly

A ticket you get for running a red light or stop sign or for speeding can run you hundreds of dollars in fines. You will probably also lose money when you have to take time off from work to attend your court date if you decide to fight the ticket. Depending on the severity of the ticket, you may also find your reputation takes a hit, too. An attorney assists you with a plea bargain or a solid legal defense to avoid huge fines and penalties.

You Could Lose Your License

Just three speeding tickets in 18 months can lead to a suspended license in New York, which makes driving to work or caring for your family difficult. Expert legal advice when you go to court for your traffic ticket can mean the difference between keeping your license or not. 

Sometimes Police Officers Make Mistakes

If your summons doesn’t meet specific procedural requirements, the charges may not stand in a courtroom. Because laws change frequently, you’ll want to work with a skilled local lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. When the conditions of the ticket or the conduct of law enforcement doesn’t meet legal standards, your attorney is your advocate to shield you from unjust consequences. And just like anyone else, law enforcement officers may make mistakes, so it’s wise to consult with an attorney before hiring one.

Do You Need the Assistance of a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Saratoga County?

Wood, Seward & McGuire LLP is a local law office with a long-standing record of successfully fighting for their clients’ best interests. We are a full service law practice with a dedicated team of attorneys with specialties in estate planning, real estate contracts, civil litigation, federal and state criminal defense, and corporate law. Our clients also come to us for military, agricultural, family and matrimonial law cases. When you need a traffic ticket lawyer, contact us for a prompt and professional response. 

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