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Is a Lawyer Needed to Start a Business in Saratoga County?

Is a Lawyer Needed to Start a Business in Saratoga County?

Even though opening your own business may appear to be as easy as declaring yourself a sole proprietorship or filing corporation papers online, there are many pitfalls and opportunities you may not know about when it comes to corporate law. And they can cost you a lot of money! If you’re on the fence about choosing a lawyer needed to start a business, here are some important points to keep in mind.

Which is the Right Kind of Business Organization for Your Needs?

There are multiple ways to legally organize your business, including a sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation and S or C corporation. Depending on your long-term plans for growth and whether you have any partners, you’ll need reliable legal assistance to make sure you choose the best structure. It’s especially important if you hope to someday have investors and take a company public.

Does Your New Business Follow All State and Local Laws?

The laws that relate to opening and operating a business, such as zoning and permits, vary by state and even municipality. Professional legal help is necessary so you don’t run afoul of any laws before you even open the doors to customers. Violations could carry hefty fines and even prevent your business from opening its doors.

Are You Aware of How to Manage Risk to Limit Your Liability?

Legal advice in setting up your business helps you protect the assets of the business, your interests if you’re going into partnership with someone else, and even personal assets like your family home. An experienced attorney understands the most likely threats or disputes your business may face and can help you put the appropriate legal protections in place before it’s too late.

Ready to Speak with a Lawyer Needed to Start a Business in Saratoga County?

Wood, Seward & McGuire, LLP offers a full range of corporate law services, from starting a new business to engaging in dispute resolution. As a highly experienced team of legal professionals dedicated to the highest standards, we welcome clients seeking help with real estate transactions, civil litigation, matrimonial and family law cases. We also take agricultural and military law cases, federal and state criminal defense, and DWI/traffic ticket cases. Contact us today for an appointment to get a lawyer needed to start a business

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