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When Should You Write a Will in Albany County?

When Should You Write a Will in Albany County?

Have you wondered whether it’s time for you to have a will drawn up? If you have children and you want to make your wishes known about who raises them, or if you own property and you want to make sure loved owns receive it after you die, you need to write a will. Without one, state law could override your intentions and loved ones might not benefit from your hard work through an inheritance. Even if you already have one, it might have been years since you looked at it. Here are three scenarios when you’ll want to make sure your will reflects your desires.

Major Family Changes

You probably have specific intentions about who will get your assets, such as your home, if something should happen to you. Those choices might change when you get married, have a child, separate from your partner or divorce your spouse. 

Acquiring New Assets

People typically hope their estate, including high-value assets such as their house, jewelry, property, cars and investments, are shared with specific family members after they’re gone. When you buy property or other valuables, updating your will reduces the chances of lengthy and expensive court battles.

Business Ownership

When you own your own company, you’re responsible for ensuring the continuity of operations, even if something happens to you. Writing a will is part of the future planning for your company. It avoids unnecessary distress experienced by your employees, customers and investors, which could harm your business.

Write a Will That Protects Your Family in Albany County

At Wood, Seward & McGuire, we have the legal knowledge and experience to draw up a will so that you can have peace of mind about how your assets will be distributed after you’re gone. Our team of highly experienced attorneys takes great pride in our reputation for being easy to talk to, and our combined five decades of experience ensures our trustworthiness. When you’re ready to write a will or update one, contact us to make sure it covers all of the most important people and assets you want to protect. 

Write a Will With Expert Legal Assistance in the Albany County Area

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