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Top 3 Reasons People Fire Their Divorce Lawyers in the Capitol Region

Top 3 Reasons People Fire Their Divorce Lawyers in the Capitol Region

If you’ve hired a lawyer to handle your divorce and you’re feeling like maybe it’s not a good fit, you’re not alone. People who aren’t highly experienced in the legal field may wonder what the signs are that it’s time to find a new attorney to ensure their interests are protected. Here are three of the top reasons clients terminate their relationship with their divorce lawyers.

Poor Communication

As a client, you can expect that your lawyer will keep you informed throughout the legal process required for your separation and divorce. The attorney should reply to your calls, emails and messages, and also let you know what the results are after talking with your soon-to-be-former spouse’s attorney and the judge overseeing your case. If these things aren’t happening, you may decide you want to switch attorneys.

Your Attorney is Unprepared

Resolving your divorce takes a lot of work, whether it’s negotiating with the attorney representing your ex or going before the court to argue for temporary orders related to custody. If your lawyer doesn’t know the facts of your case well, your lawyer can’t represent your point of view in court with the skill and persuasiveness you need to get the support you want. 

Your Lawyer Hasn’t Explained the Costs of Your Desires

Getting a divorce can be expensive under the most amicable circumstances; when it’s an explosive split and you’re tempted to make your former partner pay dearly, costs may add up quickly. If your lawyer is ready to go to the mat for you but hasn’t had an honest conversation about how much money that will require, it may be time to fire the attorney and hire another. 

Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer in the Capitol Region?

At Wood, Seward, McGuire & Sacco, the attorney you sit down with you to discuss your case is the one who will serve you throughout the legal process of your divorce. As experienced litigators, we’re committed to providing our clients with the best legal counsel for their circumstances with tact and honesty. When you’re in need of a divorce lawyer to ensure your children and your assets are protected, contact us for prompt and professional legal assistance. We also provide experienced representation for corporate law, estate planning and personal injury cases.

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