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How to Write an Airtight Contract in Essex County

How to Write an Airtight Contract in Essex County

Contracts are a common tool in business, whether you’re borrowing money, sourcing products, hiring an outside company to do certain tasks or even buying or selling a car. You might also want one for personal needs, like a prenup or custody agreement. When you write an airtight contract, you can ensure accountability while also protecting yourself. Here are some tips to prepare an effective contract.

Write Down Specifics 

Even though an oral agreement might appear to be sufficient for your needs, a written document offers the best protection. Spell out all of the details, including the legal names of who is a party to the contract, the products, services or real estate to change hands and deadlines. Include payment amounts, methods and schedules. Consider whether you need to add a confidentiality clause.

Simplicity is Best

Use clear language that makes it easy to understand all elements of the contract. Use dates and numbers instead of being vague. For example, if you want visitation biweekly do you mean every two weeks or twice per week?

Decide How to Terminate your Contract

Write into your contract a completion date, ending date or termination clause. Consider the need for conflict resolution such as mediation or arbitration, and who pays for fees if there is a breach of the contract. State laws may apply to your contract, and parts may be unenforceable as written so it’s wise to work with a lawyer to write an airtight contract.

Do You Need to Write an Airtight Contract in Essex County?

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Write an Airtight Contract to Preserve Your Assets and Rights in Essex County

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