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How to Apply for an Expungement in the Capitol Region

How to Apply for an Expungement in the Capitol Region

If you’ve been arrested or convicted of criminal charges, that record could be accessed anytime someone does a background check. This can interfere with your employment or housing and affect your ability to provide the care your family deserves. An expungement, or having your record sealed, is one way to limit the availability of those details and get a second chance.

Submit an Application

Your petition to the court may require you to gather documents from multiple offices or agencies. Turning to a legal professional for advice can save you time and effort, as you might not meet the eligibility requirements for your state. 

Attend a Court Hearing if Required

In some jurisdictions, the court will hold a hearing to determine whether to grant your request. Having your attorney accompany you ensures you’re able to make the strongest possible case to have your petition approved, whether you’re seeking to have misdemeanor traffic violations sealed or something more serious like a felony conviction.

Share Your Court Order as Needed

You may need to show your court order to any or all the agencies or offices that have a record of your arrest or conviction. Each of them may have different processes for accepting and completing the request. Legal help can guide you in making sure you contact everyone you need to. 

Do You Need Assistance with Expungement in the Capitol Region?

Wood, Seward, McGuire, & Sacco, LLP is a team of caring legal professionals with extensive experience in helping clients with a wide range of civil and criminal legal concerns. Our attorneys look out for our clients’ best interests, whether you call us for business formation, agricultural issues, DWI charges or even military court martial proceedings. When you need a high-caliber attorney to help you get a fresh start and expunge your record, contact us for expert consultation you can trust.

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