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Top 3 Reasons for Firing a Divorce Lawyer in Southern Adirondack

Top 3 Reasons for Firing a Divorce Lawyer in Southern Adirondack

Hiring a lawyer is an investment. If clients don’t feel like they’re getting the desired service out of their hired attorney, they won’t hesitate to part ways and look elsewhere. Learn what the most common reasons are for firing a divorce lawyer in Southern Adirondack.

1. Lack of Experience

A lawyer may advertise 30 years of experience in practicing law, but how much of that experience comes from divorce cases? It’s not unusual for lawyers with decades of experience in areas like criminal defense or real estate just start to get their feet wet in family law. Divorce proceedings can be extremely complex, and clients shouldn’t take their chances on a lawyer practically learning on the job.

2. Hiring a “Pitbull” Lawyer

Every lawyer has their own approach and demeanor. Some are known to be overly aggressive and make even the smallest aspects of a hearing into a dog fight. Most Pitbull-type lawyers are well-meaning and are only trying to secure the best outcome for their client. However, this bombastic approach can reduce the chances of an amicable separation settlement and lead to a drawn-out and expensive trial. Clients often end up firing a divorce lawyer because the over-aggression is creating greater resentment in an already tumultuous divorce.

3. Lack of Communication

Lawyers do have other cases besides your own. Clients should not expect their attorney’s to be at their whim 24/7. However, lawyers also have a responsibility to return messages in a timely manner, especially when there are breaks or updates in the case. Even if a lawyer can’t respond immediately, there should be a paralegal assistant to pass your message to the attorney. If you’re not getting a response within 48 hours, then the law firm is either too busy or is clearly disorganized. Either way, you should probably look elsewhere.

Firing a Divorce Lawyer in Southern Adirondack? Give Us a Call

Naturally, you’re going to be seeking new legal representation after firing a divorce lawyer. Look to Wood, Seward, & McGuire LLP for guidance. We diligently listen to your story with passion and care and steer you in a course with the best hope of a favorable or sensible outcome.

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